Orgill’s Enhanced Operations Offer Canadian Retailers New Opportunities


By adding a Canadian company into its operations, Orgill is broadening its available product assortment, increasing buying power, improving sales support and offering more competitive pricing to Canadian customers.

Customers are already noticing a difference. Ken Meier, hardware purchaser for Warman Home Centre in Warman, Saskatchewan, is seeing better fill rates, competitive pricing and a simpler way to do business.

“Before, I was purchasing products both from Orgill and another Canadian supplier,” Meier says. “Now, I’ve been able to switch all of my purchasing to Orgill. They can fill anything I carry.”

Orgill had already opened up new opportunities to Warman Home Centre over the past several years, and the service is only getting better.

“We keep finding those products that are new and different from anything else we carry,” Meier says. “Orgill’s Dealer Markets have been crucial for us to see what’s new, what’s coming and how that can look in our store.

“We love looking at the model store sets to get ideas,” he says. “As a retailer, you should never stop changing. If you do, you’ll die. Orgill helps us keep changing.”

Orgill’s expanded presence in Canada has come as a result of its acquisition of the assets of Chalifour Canada, a former distribution arm of TIM-BR MART Group.

As part of transitioning Chalifour into Orgill’s fold, Orgill established Orgill Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orgill, Inc.

The purchase was finalized Oct. 1, 2015, and launched a companywide effort to shift Chalifour into Orgill’s existing operations as part of the new Orgill Canada.

Teams of Orgill employees have worked as quickly as possible to make the transition happen seamlessly, without disrupting service to any Canadian customers.

With the acquisition, Orgill instantly got a London, Ontario, distribution center and brought on board more than 250 new employees, hundreds of new vendors and over 1,000 new customers across Canada.

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