Keeney Introduces Push-fit Under-Sink Plumbing System

The Keeney Manufacturing Company says its new Insta-Plumb is a quick and easy under-sink drainage system that creates a watertight connection without the use of glues and primers.

“We are excited about the capabilities of this new product line,” says Stuart Holden, president of the Newington, Conn.-based company. “The innovative features offered by Insta-Plumb will revolutionize installing and repairing under-sink drainage.”

Continuing a trend toward simpler installation in the plumbing category, Insta-Plumb features a “push-fit” application unlike traditional plumbing. Instead, it creates a watertight connection without glues, primers, solvents, nuts, or washers.

The secured connection created when using Insta-Plumb saves installers time and money, the company explains, but it also eliminates callbacks. “With Insta-Plumb installers can instantly test their installations and be ready to use for your application in minutes.”

Watch Insta-Plumb Instructional Video Here

Installation is quick and easy, but it’s also reusable and easy to adjust once installed. A user places the release tool on the pipe and applies pressure to the coupling to release the connection; the fitting can then be adjusted or removed and reused as desired.

Insta-Plumb offers a wide range of under sink couplings and fittings for installation or typical repairs in bathrooms, kitchens, mobile homes, or anywhere under-sink drainage is needed.

Sika FastFix Rapid Patch for Concrete

Sika FastFix Rapid Patch is a 2-part, pre-proportioned cementitious mix for repairing spalls and holes in concrete. It is specifically formulated and packaged to be an easy, mix-in-the-bag, high-strength product. Dries in 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on temperature and humidity.

– Ideal for concrete balconies, driveways, and walkways
– Requires no water or specialty tools to apply
– Dust and mess free convenient mixing
– Clear back of the packaging allows you to see when it’s well mixed
– Ideal for time sensitive projects

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New! E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpacks from CLC

CLC’s E-Charge technical series represents the toughest work gear reimagined. Designed with integrated, resourceful technologies, the latest tool bags from CLC bring a new level of innovation to the jobsite. Whether you’re an HVAC technician, electrician, plumber, or maintenance repair professional, the seamless integration of power distribution, and rotating light is sure to redefine convenience on any jobsite. Recharge your devices with the USB charging system bag, or illuminate a project when light is scarce with the LED lighted tool bag. Either way we’ve designed and built CLC’s technical gear bags to be the next generation of tool storage.

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General Tools Introduces LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

The 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure is an innovative product from General Tools that combines two accurate measuring tools into one product. It is a 50ft laser distance measurer with a 16ft tape measure. Now you can quickly and easily get both long distance measurements and short-span precision from the same tool! Both DIYers and professionals will turn to this tool for its one person, one hand ease of use operation. This 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure is affordable, durable, compact and gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and get the job done. Quickly measure the length of a room, determine the width of a table, or hang a picture frame. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand with the General Tools 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure.

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Jack Link’s introduces breakfast snacks

Jack Link’s is carving a new niche in the meat snacks category with the launch of a breakfast range. Varieties include applewood bacon jerky, maple bacon jerky, original breakfast sausage and hot and spicy breakfast sausage. The products were unveiled at the 2016 NACS Show, hosted by the National Association of Convenience Stores and held Oct. 18-21 in Atlanta.

The first product line of its kind marketed for the morning occasion, Jack Link’s AM comes in response to growing competition in the $1.3 billion meat snacks category. As the market leader with 43 percent share and roughly $568,965,000 in sales, parent company Link Snacks Inc. aims to stay relevant by identifying new opportunities and occasions in the category, said Christian Fitchett, vice president of innovation.

“As the team and I think about innovation, we’re always trying to figure out how we help push the envelope on the category (and) pioneer new segments to grow the category,” Fitchett said. “Because, while it’s great to be the category leader, in order to get retailers really excited about what we’re trying to do here, we have to show them how we’re going to grow meat snacks and protein snacks more broadly.”

Jack Link’s AM not only expands consumption of meat snacks to a new day part; it also serves as a convenient, high-protein breakfast option for busy consumers.

“Meat snacks in general are more of an afternoon occasion primarily, but there are a lot of consumers who are really time starved in the morning for protein,” Fitchett said. “That, combined with … the trend of restaurants going all day on their breakfast menus, it just seemed like it was surprising to all of us that we haven’t thought of this before.”

The products are slated to hit shelves in March. Early feedback from consumer tests has been “excellent,” Fitchett said.

“One of the things we’ve noticed in our office is people taking product out of the bag and then popping it in the microwave 10 seconds to heat, and they’re really fantastic that way,” he added. “The flavors plus the ease of the product is filling a critical need for a lot of folks in the morning.”

Another new product range debuting at the NACS Show is Jack Link’s Extra Tender beef jerky in four flavors: hardwood smoked, teriyaki, black peppercorn and sweet and spicy.

“We know there are consumers that want a more tender option; we’ve seen that in some of our research,” Fitchett said. “We’re responding to the market interest.”

Link Snacks also offers a premium brand called Lorissa’s Kitchen, made with responsibly raised pork, 100 percent grass fed beef or chicken raised without antibiotics, in such flavors as Korean barbecue, ginger teriyaki, sweet chili and Szechuan peppercorn.

“The insight behind that was to bring a product that was seen as a natural, clean label, although Jack Link’s is a clean label product as well,” Fitchett said. “It has a softer bite. The flavors are a little more crafted, artisanal, in terms of the way they’re brought to life.”

Going forward, Link Snacks continues to explore opportunities to “pioneer new forms of protein,” Fitchett said.

“The great thing about being the category leader is we have a brand people trust,” he said. “While the category has certainly heated up, our retailers as well as our consumers are looking to us to provide that leadership on what products are great enough to come out under the Jack Link’s or Lorissa’s Kitchens banners. When we bring things out, they have great velocity.

“It’s our duty as the category leader to chart the new course for protein snacks.”

Jasco Introduces Enbrighten® LED Café String Lights


OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jasco Products, leader in LED lighting, home automation and electrical products, presents Enbrighten® Café Lights, a modern twist to classic outdoor string lighting featuring unparalleled lifetime LED technology. Great for indoors or out, transform any space with the warm glow of Enbrighten Café String Lights. Add ambiance to the patio or style inside your home for the perfect atmosphere that will have people feeling welcomed and relaxed.

Distinctive and Durable Design: A Perfect Harmony of Form and Function

“Not only are Enbrighten LEDs designed to last a lifetime so you never have to change out bulbs, but the energy saving bulbs easily pay for themselves in a year or two when compared to many incandescent alternates,” says Cameron Trice, Jasco CEO. “But the most exciting part is the distinctive design and perfect blending of form and function. Each bulb is unique, made of solid clear acrylic infused with light reflecting bubbles that glow at night with beautiful warm incandescent quality light. Enbrighten Café lights capture the beauty of light you find in classic glass Edison style incandescent bulbs, while integrating state-of-the-art LED technology and lifetime durability designed to weather the elements. Whether it’s a traditional or modern setting, the feedback from lighting designers, homeowners and café owners alike has been tremendous, as more people enbrighten their spaces.”

Light up the Possibilities

Whether it’s a quiet moment inside with the soft glow of lights bouncing around the stillness, or a vibrant patio evening with friends and family, Enbrighten Café Lights provide just the right amount of glow to brighten any experience. With a variety of simple ways to hang them, you can add your unique touch to any space, and switch up the look for different occasions by moving just a strand or two. Accent any room or hang the strings lights underneath a porch or pergola, along your garden fence, on the eaves of an entry, or extend lines to a cozy seating area by the pool.

Enbrighten Your Life

Illuminate any outdoor event, enhance indoor areas or create the perfectly lit patio all year long with LED commercial grade Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco. Easy to setup and even easier to enjoy, the connectable system allows you to link up to 350 feet of Enbrighten Cafe String Lights to accommodate an endless amount of designs for any space. Designed with a strong universal keyhole above each bulb, the versatile string lights can be mounted on a flat surface or hung from above using screws, nails, hooks, zip ties or guide wire. They also feature impact-resistant acrylic bulbs engineered to withstand the elements for outdoor lighting that impresses year-round.

  • Lifetime LED bulbs–Enbrighten bulbs never burn out, meaning you never have to replace a bulb
  • Impact resistant–Durable acrylic bulbs won’t break if stepped on, dropped or in severe weather
  • Linkable up to 350 feet–Heavy duty, grounded cord plugs into any standard outlet
  • Year-round ambiance–Commercial grade quality and UL 153 listed for permanent installations
  • Multiple lengths–Available in 12’ (6 bulbs), 18’ (9 bulbs), 24’ (12 bulbs), 36’ (18 bulbs) and 48’ (24 bulbs)
  • Save up to $119 per year–Energy savings vary by strand length from $29–$119
  • Automate your Café Lights–Add accessories to simplify and automate your Enbrighten Café Lights

About Jasco
At Jasco, we design and develop products to simplify your life and connect your home. Jasco provides one of the most comprehensive product offerings in LED lighting, home automation and electrical products, consumer electronics, power and mobility products. While providing our retail partners full and far-reaching product assortments, we use our commitment to design, research and development to bring to market a steady flow of product innovations that energize and invigorate the home and mobile solution landscape.

Charging Backpacks from CLC


South Gate, CA (June 1, 2016) – DEWALT® has a long history of making quality tools. CLC®Work Gear, with over 30-years’ experience as the leader in tool storage for Pros and DIYers, has added to that history with unprecedented innovation. CLC® Work Gear is excited to announce the launch of our new DEWALT® USB Charging Tool Backpack andDEWALT® Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack. The DEWALT Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack features a USB charging dock that can simultaneously charge two devices via USB ports along with an integrated 200 lumen 2-level LED light system, all of this being powered by your DEWALT® 20V MAX* lithium ion battery (not included). Charge your tablet, phone, and/or camera while they are stored in the internal charging compartment. The powerful 200 lumen light with an adjustable steel neck can be used to light up the bag contents or illuminate your work area. The bag’s multiple pockets help you better organize your tools and keep them in sight for quick access. This backpack also features padded web carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable and convenient hands free transport.

DEWALT® by CLC® brings innovation to the job site. The new technical series represents the toughest work gear reimagined. Designed with integrated, resourceful technologies, the latest DEWALT® Work Gear tool backpacks bring new level of innovation to the jobsite. Whether you’re an HVAC technician, electrician, plumber, or maintenance repair professional, the seamless integration of power distribution and illumination is sure to redefine convenience on any jobsite. CLC® has designed and built DEWALT®’s technical series to be the next generation of tool storage.

Harry Karapetian, Vice President of Sales adds, “The response to this new innovation is very exciting. As Professionals and DIYers include tablets, cameras, and phones as essentials in their tool bag, the integrated USB Charging innovation is an added necessity to soft-side tool storage. CLC® has truly created the next generation of job site storage solutions for the Professional and DYI customer.”

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Jack Link’s Flame-Grills the Competition One Protein Snack at a Time

Fueling wild sides through continued flavor innovation,  Jack Link’s crafts five new awesome products

MINONG, Wis. (Aug. 16, 2016) – Jack Link’s, the global leader in portable protein, showcases category leadership through protein-powered innovation with the introduction of five new products. As the pioneer of the meat snacks category, Jack Link’s is always one Sasquatch-sized step ahead, providing carnivores with new protein packed snacks packed with protein on the regular. From flame-grilled jerky and strips, to BBQ and Small Batch Sticks, Jack Link’s has a tantalizing new flavor for everyone.

“Jack Link’s is the portable protein for everyday adventures, and we want each bite to tell its own untamed flavor story,” said Tom Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link’s. “We stay close to market and flavor trends, and with our rapid innovation capabilities and flame-grilled technology, we are able to quickly beef up our portfolio with new flavors, like whiskey, to help our fans fill their innate need to feed their wild sides.”

 Meat lovers can perk up their palates with one of these new varieties, available now:

Jack Link’s Flame-Grilled Steakhouse Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s just raised the steaks. Bringing your favorite flame-grilled steak to your fingertips at all hours of the day, Steakhouse Beef Jerky is back and better than ever. With garlic, pepper and onion flavors, this jerky tastes just like the hearty steak you grill at home, flame-grilled to perfection. Jack Link’s flame-grilling technique is unique to the category – high quality meat is finished over an open flame, bringing out bolder and tastier flavors. Jack Link’s Steakhouse Beef Jerky is real food that will satisfy when hunger strikes. Find Flame-Grilled Steakhouse Beef Jerky at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99.

Jack Link’s Limited Edition Flame-Grilled Whiskey Glaze Pork Strips

Get after it! Jack Link’s new Limited Edition Wild Side Whiskey Glaze Pork Strips are so neat they won’t be on the shelves for long. This Americana-inspired flavor is flame-grilled and infused with real whiskey that turns pork strips into a daring and satisfying way to fuel up for tailgating season and beyond.  Find Whiskey Glaze Pork Strips at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99.

Jack Link’s Flame-Grilled Korean BBQ Pork Strip

Jack Link’s Korean BBQ Pork Strips bring your favorite sweet and spicy meat to a portable strip for easy snacking. Finished over an open flame, the sweet pork strip is a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue. The flame also provides globally inspired aromas highlighting bold flavors and sending taste buds wild with a hint of double-toasted sesame seeds and caramelized sugar. This savory and sweet combination of awesome will keep you protein-powered all day. Find the Korean BBQ Pork Strip at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.79.

Jack Link’s Sweet BBQ Stick

Back at it again in the BBQ game, Jack Link’s brings you a delectable Sweet Barbeque Stick in the perfect handheld form, great for multitasking. Enjoy the Sweet BBQ Stick with one hand, while sipping on a beer at a tailgate or steering a bike with the other. Sweet BBQ is sure to cure any cravings, salty or sweet. Find the Sweet BBQ Stick at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1 for .8 ounces, and $1.99 for 1.5 ounces.

Jack Link’s Small Batch Artisanal Stick

The Small Batch product line celebrates Jack Link’s rich heritage, original family recipes, and a job well done. With over a century in the meat-snack-making business, the Link family launched Small Batch as a tribute to the recipes that started this iconic American brand. The addition of the Artisanal Stick to its Small Batch line brings together the old and the new to create a delicious high protein snack stick that’s handcrafted and slow smoked in a traditional smokehouse. Find Small Batch Artisanal Stick at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.29. 

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Whether you’re hitting up your favorite gym class or crushing the cubicle game at work, Jack Link’s is the perfect snack to power everyday adventures. For more information on these new products and to purchase Jack Link’s visit


Jack Link’s® Feed Your Wild Side™
Jack Link’s is a global leader in protein snacks and the No. 1 meat snack manufacturer worldwide. Headquartered in Minong, Wis., Jack Link’s is a family-owned company that represents a heritage of quality and consumer trust, with the mission to Feed Your Wild Side. Jack Link’s offers more than 100 premium protein snacks in a variety of flavors, sizes and price points, appealing to nearly every consumer and occasion. Check out for more information on the brand.

ToolSmart from General Tools & Instruments


The ToolSmart digital tool product line is one of the newest tool product lines from General Tools. It is capable of connecting to a free app for unmatched coordination even with offsite persons. This new tool line consists of a laser distance measuring tool, digital angle finder, digital multimeter (DMM), and a video inspection camera. Three additional ToolSmart tools – infrared thermometer, moisture meter, and flashlight inspection camera – just released in August.

Recently, ToolSmart has been featured and reviewed on FOX News Tech Take and several highly respected tool blogs and websites.

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