During my 23 plus years at CLC, I have had the pleasure of working with several sales agencies, and the agency who stands out above all is Jones Sales & Marketing. Jones Sales & Marketing offers its vendors complete support with direct sales, wholesalers, distributors, show support, and a marketing department that is hugely innovative. Their technology is also a step above all, offering iPads at shows that include all show programs to speed up the process for customers. Hands down, they are the right team to lead your company!

- David Littlefield, VP National Accounts, Custom Leathercraft

JT Eaton has experienced year over year growth because of Jones Sales and Marketing. JSMG is a forward thinking full service agency with bandwidth to sustain and support our growth. With boots on the ground, a digital footprint and experienced sales team, JSMG can cover all of our needs. But its not just their infrastructure and technical abilities that set them apart, it’s the confidence that merchandisers and buyers have in them in designing information based sales programs that take products from concept to realty to distribution to dealer to consumer.

- Dale Baker, VP of Sales, JT Eaton

I first met Mike Jones at a sales meeting in Memphis and was very impressed with his insight of the hardware market. When the opportunity came up for a management representative I immediately thought of JSMG. The group that Mike has assembled is top notch.  Everyone is very knowledgeable about each line they represent and work hard to increase sales. From my point of view JSMG goes above and beyond what I had experienced with other rep groups. It is always a pleasure to work with each and every one at JSMG.

- Kevin Payton, Regional Sales Manager, GreenLeaf

JSMG provides a unique, differentiated, and thoughtful approach to selling and marketing to hardware retail, all while staying relevant to modern times in the industry. Rather than being the same ol’ rep sitting back in their chair e-mailing the buyer once a week, JSMG provides multiple points of contact including a sales team with feet on the ground in the stores, a robust digital marketing department, a merchandising team, and a team focused on sales into the Corporate Office Level.

- Brandon Boomsma, Sales Team Lead, ITW Global Brands

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about navigating the oftentimes confusing and frustrating world of retail wholesalers and the related markets, JSMG representatives have solid relationships with many of the store owners and most of the retailers’ sales forces. Their input and work effort during show periods is without flaw and enables us to present our products and company in the best possible way.  Additionally, outside of show and line review periods, they present us with other suggestions and opportunities for growing the business. We never have to worry about them having our back - no matter how big or small an individual account is, they give it 100%. It is a pleasure working with everyone in the office.  Our decade long association has proven valuable in every sense – and enjoyable.

- Marcy Thomson, Vice President Marketing, Nifty Products

Jones Sales & Marketing has always had a great reputation in the field for service, knowledge, follow-up, and growing sales. During the short period of time we have worked together their follow-up and enthusiasm is second to none. They are constantly working closely with our distributors to add products, promote new items, work shows, and assemble show specials that meet the needs of the customer. They have brought a new level of representation to our distribution business that we have not had in the past. I would highly recommend their services to any manufacture.

- Charles Allen, National Sales Manager Strategic Distribution, Sherwin Williams Consumer Brands