Connecting Elements
We are truly distributor focused, and with our extensive experience in the hardware industry, we’ve built strong relationships with the key players. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve maintained with field sales personnel, and continue to build more. We’ve been able to take these connections and drive product market share for our factories, beyond just placing product in distributor warehouses.

Managing the Marketplace
We perform competitor price shops and pricing strategy reports, keeping our factories informed of market opportunities. We’re in the field and on the ground calling on dealers, doing store set-ups, providing store service to major multi-store retailers, setting up demo days, and executing trade shows and dealer markets.

Customizing Customer Service
No two product lines are the same, that’s why each needs unique placement and messaging to dealers, distributors, and sales personnel. We work with each product line to create strategy, content, and electronic sales tools that suit the manufacturer’s goals and brand. Beyond that, our in-house customer service office handles each order, request, and issue promptly, so that the image of the brand is never tarnished & the process is seamless.

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