Keeney Introduces Push-fit Under-Sink Plumbing System

The Keeney Manufacturing Company says its new Insta-Plumb is a quick and easy under-sink drainage system that creates a watertight connection without the use of glues and primers.

“We are excited about the capabilities of this new product line,” says Stuart Holden, president of the Newington, Conn.-based company. “The innovative features offered by Insta-Plumb will revolutionize installing and repairing under-sink drainage.”

Continuing a trend toward simpler installation in the plumbing category, Insta-Plumb features a “push-fit” application unlike traditional plumbing. Instead, it creates a watertight connection without glues, primers, solvents, nuts, or washers.

The secured connection created when using Insta-Plumb saves installers time and money, the company explains, but it also eliminates callbacks. “With Insta-Plumb installers can instantly test their installations and be ready to use for your application in minutes.”

Watch Insta-Plumb Instructional Video Here

Installation is quick and easy, but it’s also reusable and easy to adjust once installed. A user places the release tool on the pipe and applies pressure to the coupling to release the connection; the fitting can then be adjusted or removed and reused as desired.

Insta-Plumb offers a wide range of under sink couplings and fittings for installation or typical repairs in bathrooms, kitchens, mobile homes, or anywhere under-sink drainage is needed.

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