Orgill Celebrates 175th Anniversary in Orlando

Orgill welcomed thousands of retailers to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, for its first in-person buying event in two years.

The live Spring Dealer Market ran Feb. 24-26 and was hosted concurrently with an Online Buying Event, which kicked off Feb. 21 and will run through March 4. These combined events give Orgill’s customers and vendors the opportunity to network and interact both live and online for the first time ever.

“We have all waited a long time to be able to gather together in person, but we have also learned a lot over these last two years about how to make these buying events as productive as possible for our customers,” says Boyden Moore, Orgill president and CEO. “We have found that there are distinct advantages to an in-person event that are very difficult to replicate online but that our Online Buying Events also offered additional opportunities for our customers.”

In addition to being the first time Orgill has hosted online and live buying events at the same time, Orgill is celebrating another milestone during the three-day Spring Dealer Market—the distributor’s 175th anniversary.

“Perhaps it’s fitting that this event where we are combining the more traditional Dealer Market format with an Online Buying Event is also serving as the stage for celebrating our 175th anniversary as a company. While we honor and celebrate our deep roots in the industry and the community, we also have a strong focus on the future,” Moore says.

From the first-ever hybrid event to the celebration of a milestone anniversary, there was a lot for attendees and exhibitors to see in Orlando.

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Paslode & Tapcon Awarded PTIA 2021 Innovation Awards

The Paslode F150S-PP Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer addresses two of the biggest pain points on their previous model. One change makes the switch to a single strip magazine that features a more compact, inline design. Even though it holds fewer nails (29 at a time), it’s able to fit into tighter spaces and there’s some improvement in the balance. The other big change is on the business end. With a new nose and a crescent-shaped driver blade, you’ll experience fewer jams. The shape of the driver blade makes it able to strike a larger surface area on each nail and gives you more consistent driving results.  Read more here

We’re excited to see Tapcon roll out with Star and Hex heads to give us better bit engagement. They did more than that, though. Both styles have threads that require less torque to install and the Hex Head screws now have ribs under the head to ensure you don’t over-torque them. Masonry fastening has never been easier!  Read more here

CLC Work Gear Launches NEW FlexGrip Series 363 Work Gloves


September 9, 2021, South Gate, CA – Custom LeatherCraft (CLC Work Gear) adds to their selection of proven high dexterity work gloves, releasing their new FlexGrip Series 363 to the North American market. This new line of work gloves is made with extra functionality, improved comfort, and are designed with a new modernized look. This Series 363 launch brings a variety of eight glove choices; Utility, Utility Pro, Utility Grip, Impact, Heavy-Duty, Desert Camo, Camo Impact and Cut A5 Hi-Viz Utility Gloves, to help protect trades professionals on the job.

Many enhancements are featured in this new range. The Series 363 Work Gloves offer high dexterity with 3 touch screen fingertips and knitted synthetic leather palms. Their breathable birdeye mesh fabric back, elastic cuff with textured TPR wrist strap and medical grade hook and loop closure allow for adjustable flexibility for everyday comfort. Each of the eight new options from CLC have unique benefits depending upon jobsite requirements or personal preference.

“Based on customer feedback, our Series 363 work gloves were designed with the end user in mind who demand a more comfortable fit and multi-use functionality with enhanced features to help keep working crews protected on the job,” said Harry Karapetian, Vice President of Sales for CLC Work Gear. “We’ve already received positive reviews from tradespeople who have tried them, and we’re looking forward to seeing these results grow in the marketplace.”

It is easy to identify this new collection, visible with the CLC Series 363 logo imprint on the back of the hand. The Impact, Heavy-Duty and Camo Impact styles are made with extra Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) to help protect fists and knuckles. The Utility Glove is offered in a selection of three types; the basic Utility for technician work, Utility Pro for jobs that require more protection, and the Utility Grip with a silicone palm print for a better grasp on smooth surfaces. The collection also includes an ANSI Cut A5 Hi-Viz Utility glove for heavy-duty jobs that require cut protection and the Desert Camo option where hard work collides with outdoor activities.

To find out more information on CLC Work Gear’s Series 363 Work Gloves, visit

Orgill Fall 2021 OBE Highlights

Last Friday, Orgill drew a close to its 2021 Fall Online Buying Event, where Orgill’s retail customers were able to connect with hundreds of the industries’ leading vendors, take advantage of promotional buying opportunities and learn about the distributor’s complete program and service offering.
By all measures, the Fall Online Buying Event, held Aug. 16-27, was a success. And, in an era marked by uncertainty, Orgill president and CEO Boyden Moore says that these events are producing consistent results across the board.
“We wrapped up our third Online Buying Event this week and I think we have established a cadence for our customers and our vendors where they know what to expect and understand how to get the most out of this environment,” Moore says. “If you look at the sales figures from each of these events, they all nearly mirror each other. That tells us that our customers are engaging with vendors and that they are able to utilize the events to effectively buy for their businesses.”
Orgill held its first Online Buying Event in August of 2020 and a second Online Buying Event in February of this year. According to Jeff Curler, Orgill’s senior vice president of purchasing, not only has customer participation and buying at these events been steady, but Orgill has also consistently filled orders processed during the event, despite challenges throughout the supply chain.
“We all know there have been supply chain challenges within the industry, but when it comes to our Online Buying Events, our merchandising team has worked very closely with vendors to ensure that customers are receiving the products they order,” Curler says. “We know that one of the big attractions to our buying events, whether online or in-person, is the great promotional buys we offer. But we also know that these buying opportunities don’t mean much if retailers can’t get the products.”
In fact, following Orgill’s most recent Online Buying Event held last Spring, Curler reported that 97% of all warehouse orders were fulfilled and 94% of all Doorbuster promotional product orders were fulfilled.
“Based on the participation in these events and the ability to follow through on the orders, we think our customers have a much better idea of what to expect,” says Greg Stine, Orgill’s executive vice president of marketing and communications. “The first Online Buying Event was a big unknown for everyone. We have been able to learn from each one of these events and continue to make enhancements that help our dealers take advantage of the deals available to them.”
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Orgill Announces Distribution Expansion in Utah

On the heels of a record year in sales and volume, Orgill has announced plans to continue its ongoing investment in improving, expanding and modernizing its distribution and logistics network.

With its new state-of-the-art distribution center in Rome, New York, currently receiving product and just months away from being fully operational, Orgill unveiled additional plans to nearly double the size of its Hurricane, Utah, distribution center.

“With the new, 900,000-square-foot facility in Rome coming online and the expansion at our Hurricane distribution center, we will have nearly 6 million square feet of warehouse space in North America available to us,” says Randy Williams, Orgill’s executive vice president of distribution. “This is a testament to the growth our customers’ operations have experienced in recent years, and it is also a testament to our commitment to invest in our logistics network to keep pace with our customers’ needs.”

Including Rome and Hurricane, Orgill currently operates eight distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada, with other facilities located in Tifton, Georgia; Inwood, West Virginia; Sikeston, Missouri; Kilgore, Texas; Post Falls, Idaho; and London, Ontario.

New JSMG Offices

Jones Sales & Marketing Group is thrilled to announce our move to new offices in Columbia, SC.  Over the past few years, as we've grown in the number manufacturers we represent and employees needed to manage our responsibilities, we greatly outgrew our old 2,000 sq ft office.  After almost a year of searching we found our new office home at 400 Northeast Drive, Suite G-H, Columbia, SC 29203.

This 5,000+ sq ft flex space features much more office space for our staff working in Columbia, a 1,000+ sq ft warehouse, and a newly designed 1,500 sq ft planogram staging and photography space.  We now have ample room and the ability to design, set, and photograph planograms up to 24ft in length!  We are certain this feature will be advantageous to our customers and the manufacturers we represent.

Please enjoy a few pictures below and we welcome you to stop by any time you may be in the area.  We look forward to seeing you, hopefully in-person, soon!

Tapcon introduces next generation concrete screw anchors

Tapcon, the original inventor of blue concrete screw anchors, has introduced the next generation of concrete fasteners.

The newly engineered design delivers superior productivity through fast installation and less downtime.

“Tapcon is today’s most used and trusted concrete anchoring system as a result of our close attention to our pro customers,” said Adam Myers, Tapcon product manager. “Our most recent research points out a desire for anchors that minimize re-work and deliver job site productivity.

Myers notes that end-users expect one in five threaded anchors to fail due to head snaps or spinouts during installation.

To further improve the speed of installation, Tapcon is also shifting from Phillips to a Star flat head.

“Additionally, users have shared that the Phillips recess on flat head anchors cause bit slips resulting in a lack of productivity. With Tapcon’s new features, we address these key end-user pain points in installation failure.” Myers added.

Tapcon Star Flat Head: The new Tapcon Star Head recess helps eliminate bit slip during installation. With six points of contact between the bit and the anchor, users can be confident in increased productivity, especially in high torque applications where Phillips bits are prone to slipping. The Tapcon Star Flat Head anchor is also stamped with the Tapcon name, providing assurance that the anchor is a genuine Tapcon. The new Star Flat Head anchors come with a color-coded star drive bit in all large 75 pack and bucket offerings. This includes the T-25 Star bit for 3/16” diameter and T30 for ¼” anchors. Bits are also sold separately and include in our updated Tapcon Pro Installation Kit.

Tapcon Hex Head: The Tapcon Hex Head concrete screw anchor features new underhead ribs that resist anchor spin-outs and head snaps during installation. The underhead ribs limit over-torqueing of the anchor during installation, reducing re-work and increasing productivity.

Both the Star Flat Head and Hex Head Tapcon anchors feature a unique thread design to provide reduced installation torque and a consistent drive across all concrete and masonry substrates. In addition, Tapcon’s Climaseal corrosion-resistant coating provides long-lasting quality and durability on the job.

JSMG Named 2020 Oatey & Keeney Representative of the Year

CLEVELAND, February 24, 2021 — Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, recently presented awards to its top performing manufacturer representative agencies of 2020, E.A. Langenfeld, Jones Sales & Marketing Group and RKR, recognizing their exceptional partnerships, accomplishments and contributions throughout the business.

Each year, the company awards high achieving sales partners to highlight individual successes and show appreciation for their outstanding support of Oatey’s Retail and Wholesale Business Units. In 2020, E.A. Langenfeld and Jones Sales & Marketing Group both received the “Retail Representative of the Year” Award.

Jones Sales and Marketing Group has represented Keeney, a part of the Oatey family of brands, for the last 10 years. The agency remains an agile partner who consistently finds strategic ways to evolve with the brand and its products. In addition to driving sales, representatives exceeded expectations throughout the pandemic, going above and beyond to equip customers nationwide with the necessary resources to help navigate the difficult retail landscape.

“Our manufacturer representatives are instrumental in helping us grow and maintain strong relationships with our customers,” says Michelle Newland, President of Oatey’s Retail/International Business Unit. “We couldn’t be more impressed with their hard work, expertise and dedication. Amid a year full of tremendous challenges, we’re very grateful to these talented teams for their resilience and unwavering commitment to supporting Oatey and our customers.”

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Orgill’s Growth Plan for 2021 and Beyond

Armed with research on consumer trends and some aggressively positive 2021 sales projections, Orgill President and CEO Boyden Moore delivered a state of the distributor address during day three of the company's virtual buying event.

Moore’s presentation looked back at 2020, but most of his address looked ahead at the business and the industry. The first is expected to be bolstered by the onboarding of a new Rome, N.Y. distribution center. And the second is expected to remain lifted by consumer demand from DIYers and – to an even greater extent – Pro customers.

While congratulating dealers on surviving the challenges of 2020, Moore pointed to Orgill's annual sales increase of 21%, and total sales that crossed the $3 billion mark for the first time ever.

He also pointed to difficult decisions made in the year of the pandemic. Chief among them was the suspension of orders to non-primary customers in certain distribution centers and limiting the number of lines in some areas. “It took us a while, but we worked our way out of all of those restrictions,” Moore said.

The Orgill CEO’s wide-ranging presentation included the following highlights:

  • New vision for technology
  • New DC on the way
  • Home improvement projects
  • Pro-business growth
  • Sales projections
  • Staying safe

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Orgill Utilizes Technology for e-Volution in Fall Buying Event

Orgill has outlined how it will utilize state-of-the-art technology to offer its customers a truly unique online buying experience this fall following the company’s decision to cancel its traditional Dealer Market in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This week, Orgill announced further details about its e-Volution Fall Online Buying Event, which will make it possible for its entire retail customer base to take advantage of promotional buying opportunities, shop for seasonal merchandise and browse through thousands of new products without ever having to leave their stores.

“We know there is no way for us to replicate the entire experience of attending our Dealer Market in person in any kind of virtual way,” says Boyden Moore, Orgill’s president and CEO. “In talking with many of our customers about this, we challenged our team to develop an online buying event that could efficiently deliver the buying opportunities for which our dealer markets are so well known. This new interactive platform in which our sales team and vendors can work with our customers is Orgill’s e-Volution, and will help us create an even better Dealer Market experience in the future.”

The e-Volution Fall Online Buying Event will take place during a two-week window, running from August 24 through September 4. During this time, retailers will be able to access the event through (or in Canada).

Additionally, retailers will also be able to visit vendor’s “online booths” and even set appointments with vendors to discuss their product lines, product trends and more, according to Jeff Curler, Orgill’s senior vice president of purchasing.

“This new technology is going to make it easy for our customers to tap into all the buying opportunities they have come to expect from our Dealer Markets but in a more deliberative fashion and while not having to travel or leave their businesses,” Curler says. “We are currently working with our vendor partners to help them get their individual areas prepared for the event and to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience using the e-Volution platform.”

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