Paslode & Tapcon Awarded PTIA 2021 Innovation Awards

The Paslode F150S-PP Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer addresses two of the biggest pain points on their previous model. One change makes the switch to a single strip magazine that features a more compact, inline design. Even though it holds fewer nails (29 at a time), it’s able to fit into tighter spaces and there’s some improvement in the balance. The other big change is on the business end. With a new nose and a crescent-shaped driver blade, you’ll experience fewer jams. The shape of the driver blade makes it able to strike a larger surface area on each nail and gives you more consistent driving results.  Read more here

We’re excited to see Tapcon roll out with Star and Hex heads to give us better bit engagement. They did more than that, though. Both styles have threads that require less torque to install and the Hex Head screws now have ribs under the head to ensure you don’t over-torque them. Masonry fastening has never been easier!  Read more here

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